Coffee Morning – the July Edition

After falling by the wayside during June, Coffee Morning in Boise is once again poised to make a triumphant return. Okay, so maybe triumphant is a bit strong, but at least it’s back on the calendar.

The next Coffee Morning is scheduled for Friday, July 25th.

Location is TBD at this point. Java has worked okay as a central location for the past couple of events, but it might be time to mix things up a little. Also, there’s a chance that Coffee Morning will be going on the road – more details about that as they become available.

In the mean time be sure to save some time on your calendar — 7:30am-ish until 9:00-ish. As always, questions or comments are always welcome.

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4 Replies to “Coffee Morning – the July Edition”

  1. Hey – Cole Marr galery just opened a cool new coffee shop in BODO in the Cafe Ole building. I think they’re just opening today. Anyway, looks pretty nice, probably worth a shot.

  2. I’m new to the Idaho Ad Agencies blog. Do many drop-ins of marketers occur at the Coffee Mornings? I’m not in the circle yet, but might like to be.

  3. @selcox – You are more than welcome to drop in. The attendance has been light so far, but it has been a good mix of folks from the agency side, as well as the media side.

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