Job Opening – Graphic Designer

Side Door Media in Boise has an opening for a Graphic Designer with 3 – 5 years of agency experience. This could very well be the same position they’ve advertised in the past, but it could also be something completely new.

Full details about the job can be found here.
(Courtesy of craigslist)

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4 Replies to “Job Opening – Graphic Designer”

  1. SdM posts numerous “openings” for the same positions. Either it’s hokey viral marketing on their behalf or it’s proof positive their salary offer/work environment is one step away from an Afghanistan labor camp.

  2. Haha, someone is bitter I think. Side Door Media is super selective – hence why they have a stellar creative team.

  3. Russ Stoddard, one of Boise’s few true ad men (hello, 1960 just called…), once told me that the only thing more difficult than getting into the agency world is getting out of it. Maybe it wasn’t him, but I remember hearing that tidbit around the time I saw Russ riding his bicycle downtown so maybe that’s why it stuck. Never the less, I got out, and am so far removed that you’re (“you’re” referring to anonymous #3/SdM plant) closer to being original than I am being bitter.

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