September Coffee Morning

Let’s get this one on the calendar now, before another month slips away…

The September Coffee Morning will be Friday, September 19th.

Location is TBD at this point — we may end up back at Java, or Coffee Morning could be going on the road again. That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, however, mark your calendars. I look forward seeing a good turnout and fantastic discussion.

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4 Replies to “September Coffee Morning”

  1. Yeah for coffee mornings! Another cool option might be the place a trio of Kickstand’ers are checking out today. Cole Marr photo studio opened a coffee lounge in BoDo (cross from Tully’s) It’s a really neat setup – lots o couches. Location to consider if Coffee Morning remains homeless!

  2. Every time you say “BoDo” an angel dies. Just call it 8th St. Market Place – until someone comes up with something better than “Bodo” – oops, I just killed one.

    I *tried* to go to Cole Marr 3 times after they announced their opening date. They were closed each time – at 9:00 AM. The coupon I had expired before they opened. I was really looking forward to another coffee option besides Tully’s. Oh $%*$@!# well.

  3. @djaspersen: this should answer your questions about Coffee Morning (from the original post):

    What is a Coffee Morning, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a loosely organized gathering, where people come together for coffee and conversation. There’s no agendas, no presentations – just an opportunity for people to chat, share ideas, and learn from one another.

    @idaho pr and josh: I stopped by that Cole Marr lounge (in the 8th St. Marketplace) this afternoon. Nice setup, but no one was around for me to talk to about hours, times, scheduling space, etc. They seem geared more toward afternoon / evening functions instead of early mornings…

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