Market Revival

Here’s an event that was brought to my attention recently.

Freelancers, job-seeking advertising professionals and agencies are invited to show their latest work at Market Revival, a new event coordinated by members of the Boise advertising community.

Registration is free but space is limited, so please reserve your table today by e-mailing Tables will best accommodate stacked, book-style or laptop portfolios.

Event details:
Market Revival
Cole Marr Gallery Coffee House
Wednesday, September 16th
7:30 – 9 AM
Eat • Drink • Network • Browse • Brainstorm

The market’s bouncing back – are you ready? Come check out the latest local work and get fresh ideas and inspiration from Boise’s amazing talent pool. Invite your coworkers, friends and clients – everyone will benefit from this Market Revival.

For more information or to reserve a free table to show work, please e-mail

UPDATE: All tables for this event have been reserved.

3 Replies to “Market Revival”

  1. I think it’s quite premature to be claiming that the market is bouncing back. What’s driving this so-called bounce? There’s no industry of any significant proportion creating new jobs or new, innovative technology. No one is spending. No new jobs are arriving anywhere.

    The economy is still hemorrhaging jobs at an alarming rate. Unemployment, as reported by the government, is expected to stay well above 10% past 2010 (and “real” unemployment–people who have given up looking for work, or who have settled for part-time work–is already pushing 16% nationwide). Advertisers would be foolish to spend money marketing products to an audience with no means to buy them.

    I don’t want to discourage anyone from attending this event. Sounds like a great opportunity for networking. But, we should all be realistic. Business will not be booming any time soon, and our chances of scoring a significant client win from get-togethers like this is minuscule at best. In fact, these sorts of events only underscore how many people are out there, starving for work of any sort. The main beneficiary from this event will be the folks who make the coffee.

    The housing boom/bubble was behind our nation’s recent economic growth. The internet and related technology development was behind the boom/bubble before that. Prior to that, the United States actually manufactured products domestically, and people were still buying crap from Detroit. Before that, we had WWII and its related glut of war-related production.

    All of those underlying economic stimulators are gone, and there isn’t anything significant on the horizon to replace them (with the possible exception of military spending if the powers-that-be reinstate the draft to deal with the current quagmire in Afghanistan).

    On top of all this, more bad financial news still awaits us. The current rally is obviously due in part to clever manipulation of the market. Just wait till the commercial real estate bubble pops (should be soon). Then things will really get interesting.

    Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. I want the good ol’ Roaring Nineties back just like anyone else. But, blind optimism gets us nowhere. We can’t hope our way out of this. Things are bad, really bad, and beyond the comprehension of the hordes of talk radio listeners out there.

    The fixes are nowhere in sight. Without some completely unforeseen advance in technology (for example, energy technology that immediately and completely ends our dependence on fossil fuels), there’s little hope for any significant economic recovery any time soon.

    Them’s the facts. But, I’m all ears if anyone out there has some sort of concrete, irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

    Yours in reality,

  2. Hi Doubting Thomas, thanks for the pick-me-up!

    This is my event and the idea came from what I’ve seen personally in the Boise advertising industry over the past few months, partnered with a few other facts:

    • Things are starting to recover here and nationally, slowly, yes, but it’s starting

    • Agencies who went through layoffs in the past year are now finding themselves in need of freelance work on occasion

    • Boise artists have no event where they can show their work, and agencies and clients have nowhere they can go to see it

    • Seeing new creative work can inspire fresh ideas for agencies, helping them sell new campaigns to existing clients or winning that next pitch

    • Those who wait for a full market recovery to start connecting will be too late

    I’ve already booked all our tables: 11 of the most talented copywriters, graphic and web designers, photographers and illustrators in the area. I think we all know the advertising industry will never be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back in new and better ways. I hope you’ll join us.

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