Coffee Morning – Feedback Needed

Yes I know, Coffee Morning has been noticeably absent lately.  For a variety of reasons, of which I’ll not go into at this point.

Before I try and schedule another one, I have questions for you, dear readers:

  • Is there still an interest in Coffee Morning, and the casual face-to-face get-together concept?
  • Would more people attend if it was held at a different time, i.e. after work rather than first thing in the morning?

Or, has Coffee Morning run simply run its course?

Leave your answers in the comments on this post, and thanks in advance for the feedback.

7 Replies to “Coffee Morning – Feedback Needed”

  1. I like the idea and Im always up for face-to-face networking opportunities. Mornings work best – Kevin

  2. I prefer mornings, just have been too busy to make a meeting this summer. I wonder if schedules would be less busy as we ease more into fall. Summer has so many commitments

  3. You could alternate morning & an after hours time frame? I haven’t been able to make a coffee morning meeting yet, but might be able to for an after hours…
    Keep up the good work Brian!

  4. Hi, Brian! I’m still definitely interested and have been on the lookout for them thinking I’d missed a posting. I hope you do continue doing them–and the mornings actually work best though I’m not usually a morning person!

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