Job Opening: Copywriter/Producer

Wirestone has an opening for a Producer-level Copywriter in their Boise office.  From the job description on their website:

Regardless of how you ended up on the business end of a keyboard, as our new Producer-level Copywriter, you’ll be on the front lines of brand-defining opportunities and essential to the day-to-day success of our solutions delivery teams. To be successful, come to the table with a good understanding of current business and marketing challenges, the ability to articulate a wide range of technically driven solutions, as well as the creative mental horsepower to develop concepts and strategy in a collaborative digital agency environment.


We don’t need you to be all things to all people, just be:

  • Fast and fluent in conceptual sell-in rationales, strategic copy guidance and tactical copy elements
  • Comfortable collaborating with design, motion graphics and technical teams to bring ideas to life
  • Able to meaningfully participate in conceptual and strategic brainstorming sessions
  • Skilled in communicating with peers and client contacts to ensure expectations are met
  • Adept at proper application of the client’s brand standards in project-specific situations
  • Confident managing creative and technical resources for projects-providing purpose, motivation and direction to teams of 2 to 5 people

Full details about the position can be found on Wirestone’s website.

Job Opening: Graphic Designer

Recently posted on the Idaho Ad Agencies job board:

Graphic Designer, Oppenheimer Companies/Golbon

Job Summary

The purpose of the PrintSmart Graphic Design Associate is to create and produce marketing materials for internal and external customers that meet or exceed customer expectations and delivered on stated timelines. Materials for divisions of Golbon must be produced within stated budgetary guidelines. Marketing materials for all other customers must be produced within quoted charges to maximize profitability and margins. PrintSmart Graphic Design Associates will be involved in the growth and profitability of PrintSmart through Sales and Marketing initiatives.


The scope of the Graphic Design Associate is to produce visual solutions to the communication needs of internal and external clients, using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness. Associates require a working knowledge of the latest computer packages and an understanding of material costs and time limits, all of which will impact the final design. All materials for internal division of Golbon must be produced within stated budgetary guidelines. External clients marketing materials must be produced within the quoted charges to maximize profitability and margins. PrintSmart Associates will be involved in the growth and profitability through sales and marketing initiatives.

More details and how to apply can be found in the original job listing.

Friday Find: 1994 Rockies Intro

We came across this classic during a recent stroll through YouTube, produced by North by Northwest for the 1994 Rockie Awards.

From the video’s description:

In 1994, the Idaho Ad Federation asked vendors to produce openings for that year’s Rockies Show. North By Northwest chose “Newspaper”. The piece was shot in one night and was Jeff Noble’s first “day” on the job. It won for Best Intro.