Doing things differently

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve heard so many people, companies, brands, etc. talk about how they ‘do things differently’ than anyone else. About their patented, trademarked, put-our-seal-and-watermark-on-it way of doing things.

But here’s the thing — when everyone is ‘doing things differently’ in their own way, no one really is. It’s a sentiment that was similarly echoed in David McCullough’s commencement speech to Wellesley High School recently (which you should really watch if you haven’t taken the time to yet).

So, the question I’ll pose to you dear reader is this: What can you do differently today? Does it have to be something earth-shattering? No. Take, for example, this recent piece for Coca-Cola:

In reality, there’s nothing spectacularly unique about the content. It came from security cameras that are everywhere you look. But by using that footage differently, Coca Cola found an entirely new source of content, all while maintaining – and in many cases reinforcing – their Happiness brand position.

What can you do differently today? Tomorrow? Next week? Think about it, and then go do it.