Headline Roundup

Duke study: TiVo doesn’t hurt TV advertising – via Triangle Business Journal

Bud Light to Be NFL’s Official Beer – via Wall Street Journal

BBDO Snatches Webby Agency Award – via Adweek

Industry Explores New Compensation Model for Talent – via Ad Age

Headline Roundup

A few recent headlines of interest.

Thanks to Social Media, Direct Marketing Is Going Do-It-Yourself – via Ad Age

4 Reasons to Fire Your Digital Ad Agency – via MarketingVOX

Why Taglines Are Keepers – via Adweek

Why Yes, Lamar and Clear Channel are Giving Thanks

From Adweek: Digital Billboards Safe, Another Study Says

Tantala analyzed eight years of traffic accident data — more than 60,000 accident reports from the Ohio Department of Transportation — for the same seven digital billboards it examined in a 2007 study. In addition to the two Cleveland studies, a separate survey was released earlier this year for Rochester, Minn. The conclusion for all three studies was the same: Digital billboards are not linked to traffic accidents.

Another interesting tidbit from this article: Lamar’s 1,135 digital billboards, now representing about 10 percent of the company’s revenue, are leading the recovery at the company.

While digital boards represent 10 percent of their revenue, I’d be curious to find out what percentage of their total inventory (total of all boards) that number represents.  Anyone have any insight?

Quick Hits: Headline Roundup for August 6th

Here are a few headlines from around the interwebs that caught our attention recently:

Ad Biz Faces the ‘New Normal’ – via Adweek

Agencies Get Social– via Adweek

Advertiser Outcasts– via Adweek

Timing is Everything: Handing Off The Baton As A Team – via MediaPost

Headline Roundup: June 1 – 5

A few articles that caught our eye over the past week:

Six Ways to Avoid Landing in the Product Failure Bin – via Fast Company

A Case for Non-Ad Revenue on the Web – via The New York Times

Most Marketers Ignore Brand Metrics Online – via Adweek

7 Myths Of Metrics – via MediaPost

Del Monte CMO: Spend During Downturn — or Else – via Ad Age

BK’s ‘Whopper Freakout’ Wins Grand Effie – via Adweek

CC, DoubleTake Bringing Ads to Baggage Carousels – via Mediaweek