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Missed a spot or two from the game last night?  There’s no shortage of places to see everything that may have fallen below the radar (yeah, right), including:

Ad Age
Brand Bowl

and many, many, many, many more.

Headline Roundup

No Matter How PR Evolves, Message Remains King – via Talent Zoo

Social Media Ad Spending Lags – via Adweek

Ad Firm Business Picking Up, Finds Survey – via Mediaweek

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Headline Roundup

From Kohl’s To Nordstrom, Registers Ringing – via MediaPost

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Our Measurement Problem Begins With Definitions – via Ad Age

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Our Measurement Problem Begins With Definitions

Headline Roundup

Social Media: The Link Between Advertising and Public Relations – via Talent Zoo

Why Emotional Marketing Sells – via Talent Zoo

Buick counting on Greg and Laurie Robbins – via Automotive News

Future Thinking – via Adweek

Headline Roundup

Duke study: TiVo doesn’t hurt TV advertising – via Triangle Business Journal

Bud Light to Be NFL’s Official Beer – via Wall Street Journal

BBDO Snatches Webby Agency Award – via Adweek

Industry Explores New Compensation Model for Talent – via Ad Age