How Do You "LIV ARGE?"

The past few days I’ve seen one of the “wrapped” Valley Ride busses around Boise. This particular bus is an ad for Corey Barton Homes. While it certainly does grab attention, at first glance I thought it said “LIV ARGE” on the side of the bus. The graphic behind the text appears to be that of someone lounging either in a chair, on the floor, or something similar.

As with everything that Corey Barton Homes has done recently, the Live Large tagline is in red. The kicker, however, is that the model in the picture behind the text is wearing a red shirt. While the colors are not identical, they are close enough that at first glance the bus is not very readable.

So the question I have to ask is, why didn’t someone step back and look at it from a distance before it made it to the side of a bus? Up close, and on a computer screen, I’m sure the different shades of red were easy to distinguish, but from 50 yards away, the pretty much blend together. The end result? LIV ARGE.

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