Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least make note of the “discussion” going on around the commercials that were done for the Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed (a part of Eagle Fun Days) in Eagle this weekend. While my first thought was not to get into the middle of it here (since the spots were done by an agency out of New York), I thought I’d at let you know that there’s a lively discussion about it happening over at

UPDATE: Steve Hall over at Adrants picked up this story today as well. As it turns out, FCB in New York was the agency that did the work, on a pro-bono basis, as one of their creative directors was from Eagle. I’m guessing the discussion about this will last much longer than the actual event.

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  1. My question is why did an Idaho event choose a NYC ad agency?

    Why not have a local and more in-tune agency make it?

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