Calling all students

Chevy announced last week that it has invited students to participate in The Chevy Super Bowl Ad Challenge, which will allow a team of 2-3 students to create a concept for a spot to be aired during the Super Bowl in February 2007.

John January wrote up a great recap on how the whole creative process might play out over at the American Copywriter blog. Coming from the creative/agency point of view, I think John is spot-on in his assessment of what will happen. That being said, however, I’d still encourage any interested student to take a look.

Registration must be completed by September 22nd, and submissions are due by October 13th. Its high pressure on a short timeline, but that’s life in the advertising business.

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  1. Just so we’re clear, I think students really should participate in the contest, too. And I think Chevy will make the most of this for the winner. Just want eyes to be open going in! Cheers.

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