Conference Feedback

I was unable to attend the Be Your Own Media conference today at BSU — scheduling conflicts wouldn’t allow for it. I’d be interested, however, in hearing from anyone who did.

What did you think of the conference?
What were the good and bad parts about the day?
Was it worth your time?
Anything in particular that you’d like to share with the class?

While I don’t recall seeing much of any press coverage around this conference, as opposed to the one that Blueline put on earlier this year, I do hope that it was well attended, at that the participants walked away with a different point of view, even if only slightly so.

Oh, and Tac — thank you for the invitation. Hopefully I’ll be able to sit in on the next conference.
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One Reply to “Conference Feedback”

  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the first event, so I don’t have much to compare it to. To me, this month’s BOYM was great. The guest speaker had a compelling success story, and the lunch-time panel talked about their real-world successes and challenges related to blogging and vid/podcasting. I walked away with some great ideas and new network contacts. BYOM was an event worth attending.

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