Well, that’s a way to get attention

River City Bagels in Boise recently caught the attention of Tim Nudd over at AdFreak.

And yes, its true — the ad really did run in the Boise Weekly this week. Pick up one and take a look for yourself.

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4 Replies to “Well, that’s a way to get attention”

  1. I just caught all this shit as I was in New York last week speaking at the PSFK Conference. No wonder the people I work with in New York think Boise is the place where there is “No there, there!” What a dumb fucking ad. I just want to know who did it so I can kick their arse on AdScam. In fact I’ll post on it anyway. I also posted about it on both AdFreak and AdRants. Making it even worse is the fact that Blue River bagels suck, and if you ask for an Egg Salad Bagel they look at you like you came from Mars.

  2. Your an idiot, are you even from Boise? Do you mean Blue Sky or River City? Get it right. I’ll take you on any day. Do you know what the Vagina Monologues are???? Obviously not, George…….educate yourself and do the world a favor!!!

  3. I always love people who kick the shit out of other people, but don’t have the balls to sign their name to their comments. No, I’m not from Boise… But I live in Boise. You can check me out at http://www.parkerads.com and read my blogs at http://www.adscam.typepad.com amongst others.
    As for knowing what the Vagina Monologues are… Yes, I first saw it when I was living in New York, before I moved to Boise. Where the fuck do you live… Nampa?
    And where exactly, and in what fashion do you want to take me on at… Eating bagels or vaginas???

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