The Brick Group – the update

There seems to be a trend here…

An anonymous comment on an old post alerted me to the fact that the Brick Group has recently updated their website as well. Nice to see some real content on the site, rather than just a single page.

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8 Replies to “The Brick Group – the update”

  1. I agree! It’s nice to see this upward trend of all these company’s finally getting their sites put together, and so nicely as well. Perhaps it’ll motivate me to get my act together and fix my own site!

  2. Thanks for the post Brian. We enjoy your blog. Any chance of getting on your list of Agencies in Idaho?

  3. I did a google search for “brick group boise” – no results for – but his blog came right up!. I guess they didn’t list SEO in their services section… 🙂

  4. now now now previous anon., your post did not blow the requisite amount of smoke up an idaho ad agency’s ass, so you run the risk of ruining the anon privilegde for the rest of us. the smiley helped though 🙂 all in all i give your post a 7 out of 10, but please remember smoke+ass=acceptable for this blog. thank you.

  5. Nope, but I bet SEO’s listed in yours, right between “Snarky immature web geeks” and “Experts at posting anonymous cheap shots.”

    🙂 🙂

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