New Agency Additions

Here are the latest additions to the agency list:

Brandroots — Brandroots appears to be a new shop based out of Eagle, Idaho. I don’t have a lot of information about them, other than what’s on their website, although it appears that they’re also behind the Meridian Idaho Magazine.

PBZ Marketing — PBZ first opened in 1996 by partners who go way back in the Treasure Valley agency world, so to speak — back to the Floathe Johnson and EvansGroup Technology days.

As always, if there are others that you’d like to suggest adding to the list, just let me know.

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17 Replies to “New Agency Additions”

  1. I’m a bit confused at why BrandRoots would make it to this list. We have to go back to your ‘Where do you draw the line” post and really consider not the 1-2 person shop, but more so the organization that is really the, well…one-stop shop. I know this isn’t a soap box from which to deeply criticize anyone, but…here goes: BrandRoots’ site is a complete joke. And this is why:

    1. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) As a web professional, it extremely irks me that this so called “branding AND interactive architecture agency” has a website that is all image-based…WTF? Everyone (sans BrandRoots) knows that content is king. Search engines can’t read content within images. Just an FYI, ladies and gents. SEO as in, the more useful content, the more visitors you get!

    2. If you’re going to display your portfolio on your image-based website, make sure we can all see your work in all it’s glory. Thumbnails as thumbnails are as useful as caps on a beer bottle; they should link to something!

    5. Ok, this has nothing to do with BrandRoots’ website; it’s criticism as it applies to the onslaught of “pump the real estate market publications.” Here goes: Just because you have one publication…(yeah, I’ve seen it), ‘MERIDIAN IN THE MIDDLE’ doesn’t make you a full-service agency. You’re a publisher; there’s a difference between that and an agency – find out what they are before some poor soul pays you money for your lack-luster services.

    And this is all based on what I’ve seen from….Am I speaking out of line here? I’m just suggesting a few things; I totally don’t know any one from BrandRoots…I promise.

  2. nice critique jd. while i agree w/ most of your comments, just food 4 thought, not sure i’ve ever landed any agency clients from a web search. i think u r a little SEO happy, but hey sounds like that’s your deal, so go with it 🙂

  3. wow, jd, just went to brandroots site and theres a lot more wrong than seo, what a flustercluck

  4. Yes, I work for a title company as their in-house interactive guy. We’ll be around for quite a while 🙂

    That said….”The opinions expressed are those of the authors only. They do not represent the views of their employers or subsidiaries.”

    By the way, image-based sites are a no-no. I could be a little SEO happy here, but it’s a matter of having a site that is standards-compliant. I think Brandroots falls short of that.

  5. Brandroots is a marketing and publishing company. They have two publications that are very respected and well done; Eagle Magazine and Meridian Magazine. I agree with your comments about the site. It wasn’t as well done as there other two sites. I loved watching the video clips on I would have to believe that their site is just a temporary one, and that they are in the production of something better.

  6. well jd, now you’ve done it. looks like brandroots pulled the site down and put their temp page pack up 🙁

  7. wow! they sure do! never seen so many exclamation points in my life! i wonder if they yell at their clients! i wonder if they have any clients! hey, exclamation points are fun! i feel like samuel l. jackson!

  8. Take a new look at Brandroots! Much improved site, lots of info on Marketing and a better portfolio. I’m the Sr Creative Director. I’ve been in advertising/design for over 20 years. Owned a small shop in the Portland area for the last 10 years. Check it out:

    This is an upstart that began with Eagle Magazine and its publisher, Tia Markland. She’s made a good name for herself and was asked by the mayor of Meridian to start a magazine in Meridian. Look for it. It’s come along way with just its 2nd issue coming out next week!

    We really do have a great team, if not so well known, but with a lot of great talent in Marketing/PR and design/photography.

    If you have any negative comments at this point, it’s probably out of jealousy!

  9. Jeff, I think it looks great! Nice to see you guys back up…

    Although the all-caps in your copy is a little much, I think the design is nice, clean and easy on the eyes. Nice work!

  10. I jumped the gun making the latest announcment. I thought my backend guy would have the change made in time, but it will change soon! Grey, all caps and too small will soon be white type, u&lc and slightly bigger. Also, just to clarify a comment about exclamations… they are used to exclaim or show excitement. (which we all are) Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  11. Well… it was a bad idea to start this agency by a typical Eagle person. And it’s gone… poof. In under a year

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