A little more on Drake Cooper

Here’s an interesting little nugget I came across recently about the new Drake Cooper

Jamie Cooper, formerly Chief Operating Officer is now Chief Executive Officer. Bill Drake remains President.

Also, the sign has been up on the new building for a couple of weeks now, but the new website, promised on January 1st, still hasn’t made a guest appearance.

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4 Replies to “A little more on Drake Cooper”

  1. A bunch of people broke their fingers over here. Should have the site up next week sometime.

  2. I’d rather have a site delayed to work out the kinks or broken fingers than to launch it early/late/anytime and make visitors throw up: http://www.brandroots.com

    Music from late night Cinemax, pictures of shiny skyscrapers, typos…

  3. It has a very “bought this off of templatemonster.com” feel and sound to it.

    At the very least change the title of the page to something other than main_v8. WTH is that?

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