Job Opening – WordPress Coder / Designer

From the Boise Craigslist:

A local online marketing firm is looking for a wordpress professional who is proficient in coding and designing for clients using wordpress to develop their websites and blogs.

The “online marketing firm” is not identified, but full details about the position can be found here.

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5 Replies to “Job Opening – WordPress Coder / Designer”

  1. Are there any graphic design jobs out there that don’t include web design or is that becoming a thing of that past? I don’t design for the web, I don’t want to design for the web, but it seems every design job out there is for someone who does. It’s SO depressing. Should I just give up and go back to school to do something completely different? Is there any future in what I do?

  2. Anon:

    It’s not that there’s NO future in offline design, it’s just that there’s a very limited future in ONLY offline design. For design (and, by the way, culture at large), the Web has been transformational on the order of when computer-assisted graphic design (digital image editing like Photoshop and page layout like Aldus PageMaker) came along.

    Good news is, some of the skills you already have are transferable, so you could maybe start there, but you unequivocally need to start NOW. The greatest demand for design in the marketplace now is for web design, and the universities and ad schools are pumping out graduates who can do it all. At Publicis, we couldn’t even feasibly hire a designer who doesn’t have a firm grasp of both offline and web.

    Plus, there’s just kick-ass cool stuff you can do with web design skills and tools.

    Sorry to give an answer you may not have wanted to hear, but don’t be discouraged. You can do it. All the best to you.

  3. Good agencies hire strong art directors to concept and design the website, then hire programmers separately to do the technical part (make it work online.)

    If you’re in an agency that wants you to do strategy, design AND programming, they’re cutting corners.

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  5. “strong art directors to concept and design the website” are worthless if they have little or no understanding of how a website is built or works. I’m a programmer and I have worked with many levels designers. There are those show have no understanding, those who understand html/css and those who can actually deliver their design in good clean html/css (no table – minimal hacks). I prefer a designer who understand the medium.

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