On Finding and Hiring the Right People

It’s no secret that I think Bart Cleveland of McKee Wallwork Cleveland is one of the best writers contributing to the Ad Age Small Agency Diary.

His most recent piece is another winner:
Hiring the Right People Is a No-Brainer (Finding Them Is Like Brain Surgery)

A sample from the article:

Time allows you to get to know someone. Time reveals someone’s subtle characteristics. Not just negatives, but positives too. I’ve hired people who I at first believed weren’t really the right fit, but over time, I discovered the real person behind the first impression. You must be willing to take your time if you want a staff whose sum is greater than its parts.

Take the time to read the entire thing. As always, it’s full of Bart’s practical wisdom and a common sense that is too often overlooked.

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3 Replies to “On Finding and Hiring the Right People”

  1. I found this part about diversity a good reminder. “Members of successful teams differ in complementary ways. Diverse thinking requires diverse thinkers.”

    A diversity of ideas creates a meal that doesn’t taste the same everytime. Better yet, it often creates something that wasn’t originally on the menu.

  2. It’s the insecure CDs who can’t stand to hire anyone different from themselves. Leading to the downfall of at least one local agency . . .

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