Leave Your Mark on the Rockies

Well, not the mountains. The awards.

The Boise Advertising Federation is looking to redesign the Rockie Awards, and they’ve opened up the design competition to anyone who’s willing to take a swing at it.

There are a few guidelines:

  • Both Gold and Silver Rockies must be designed. On average, the BAF gives out 15 Golds and 115 Silvers each year.
  • Awards must be able to be sourced and reproduced annually with relative ease.
  • Each Rockies award given out is personalized with: agency name, client, category, year and “Idaho Advertising Federation”. Please consider this in all designs.
  • Cost to produce each award must be under $20. Please consider this when recommending materials.

You can submit as many designs as you’d like, and submissions should be sent, in PDF format, to Robbin Gibson.

The deadline for submissions is December 1st.

Yes, this information originally came out in an email from the Boise Advertising Federation, but for those who may not have gotten the email or are not subscribed, it’s worth repeating here.

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One Reply to “Leave Your Mark on the Rockies”

  1. i have several notions. reclaimed materials from local businesses.

    something that can be melted down and “reformed” every year.

    a long long long long long (long) usb hub with the artists’ (winners) portfolio that can be displayed.

    oh. and the cube shape with a ‘found’ object from idaho (boise) or ….

    cheap lcd …

    led lights …

    the mind boggles. good luck to the winner and interested parties.

    something practical. a staples. ie. why just put this award on a shelf.

    ps – i appreciate the blog

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