DIRECTV Taking Shots at DISH Network

Yesterday the news broke that the contract between DISH Network and Fisher Communications expired at midnight on Wednesday the 17th, and no new agreement has been reached yet.

Today, DIRECTV was running radio spots playing off of the fact that DISH Network was no longer broadcasting the local CBS station (in this case KBCI), which meant no CSI, Survivor, NFL Sunday Football, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if similar spots are currently running in other markets where Fisher has stations, such as Lewiston, Idaho Falls, Portland, Seattle, Eugene, and others.

With the exception of Portland and Seattle (ABC), all of Fisher’s television markets are CBS affiliates, which likely made production of two spots relatively easy — the version I heard was generic enough that it could be used in all CBS-related markets.

So let’s look at the situation:

  1. You’ve got DISH subscribers, many of whom are upset about losing a local channel.
  2. Those subscribers are accustomed to paying a monthly fee for the satellite television service, so no objections to overcome regarding the service or costs (assuming comparable cost).
  3. To those customers (and others aware of the situation), DIRECTV offers what appears to be a viable alternative to appease those who are upset, and have moved quickly enough that they may be able to sway customers into a decision based, in part, on frustration and emotion.

Will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. Credit does have to go do DIRECTV for moving quickly and taking advantage of the situation/opportunity. Timely and effective, to say the least.

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