Special Request: Support for the Special Olympics World Winter Games

This morning I received an email from the folks at Balihoo that I felt was worth passing along:


I’m sending you this email as a fellow business colleague to ask for your support for the Special Olympics World Winter Games being held in Idaho this week.

The 2009 World Games still needs to raise money to support these phenomenal athletes, and I believe the Idaho business community can help. The World Games challenged Balihoo to find a way to help. Our idea: offer a Winter Games Commemorative Shadow Box for businesses that donate $500 or more to the games. Each shadow box will contain one of the original, hand-knitted blue and white scarves, which have been prominently featured in the news. These scarves were handmade by volunteers across the country and sent to Boise for the games.

Every limited edition, numbered shadow box will also contain a letter from one of the volunteer knitters and a personalized “thank you” to your business. We think they are perfect to hang in your office as a long-term reminder of your company’s support for these games and their legacy on our community.

You can go to the following website to learn more and make your pledge: http://www.soiscarf.com./.

I know times are tough and we’re all feeling a squeeze right now, so asking for a $500 pledge from a fellow business certainly comes with a bit of apprehension. However, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Idaho and a similarly unparalleled opportunity for the Idaho business community to show its strength and commitment to the greater good. The shadow boxes will be available only until February 13th.

Finally, please forward this email to other Idaho business leaders who you think can help!


And as a reminder, the Games begin February 7th, and run through February 13th.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Brian. We think this is a great opportunity for the Idaho Business Community to pull together and support something very special. Looking forward to getting all of your pledges!


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