Upcoming AIGA Event – Von Glitschka, Illustrative Designer

AIGA Idaho has yet another event on tap, and this looks to be a good one. Von Glitschka, Illustrative Designer with Glitschka Studios, will be presenting to the group on Thursday, February 12th.

From the event’s description:

Have you ever thought of a unique concept, but then wasn’t sure you could pull it off because it required a good amount of illustrative work and frankly speaking that intimidated you? Or your budget was such that you couldn’t hire it out either? So, instead you just pursued another design direction? Von’s “Illustrative Design” presentation will walk you through systematic illustrative design methods you’ll be able to integrate into your own creative process. In the end you’ll be better equipped to pursue those design ideas that require an illustrative touch far more effectively, thus expanding your overall creative potential and skill set as a graphic designer.

Here’s the skinny, for those interested in attending:

Date: Thursday, February 12th
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Beside Bardenay, 612 Grove St, Boise
– AIGA Members: $10
– Non-Members: $20
– Students: $7
– Ticket price includes admission, drink ticket and appetizers

Samples of Von Glitschka’s work are available at either glitschka.com or vonster.com.

If you have any questions about this event, or would like more information, contact the folks at AIGA Idaho.

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