Side Door Media is No More

It is now known as Balihoo Creative.

During a recent spin around agency websites, I noticed that all links formerly associated with Side Door Media are now directed to Balihoo Creative. No announcement from the company or official word on the change (that I’m aware of, at least), but it has happened nevertheless.

For those who may not be familiar, Side Door Media grew out of Balihoo, by offering a full set of agency services to those who needed more than just the media planning and buying capabilities that Balihoo offered. By all accounts they’ve stayed consistently busy since then, so perhaps this is an effort to more closely align their services with, and support, the Balihoo brand.

Anyone else have more information? Feel free to comment away.

UPDATE: Dave Yasuda, General Manager of Balihoo Creative, left a comment providing more context (and some good-natured sarcasm aimed my direction) about the name change.

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2 Replies to “Side Door Media is No More”

  1. No more Side Door Media? Wow Brian, you really scared me. I thought I was out of a job! But seriously folks, this is a great example of a really poor job by us to communicate what’s going on in our world.

    In the 15 months I’ve been GM here, Balihoo and SDM/BC have gone through immense changes to better align our services with client needs. Side Door Media began to support more Balihoo clients and there was just too much confusion from their marketing departments. “You’re with Side Door Media? I was expecting a call from Balihoo.” Anyway, you get the picture.

    The good news is that we’ve been gaining exciting new clients over including CCA Global, the parent company of 14 brands with a total of $10.2 billion in sales. Right now we’re working with CCA brands Carpet One and Flooring America.

    We are working on our revised website which will tell more of the story.

    Thanks for including us in your blog. (I think.) I owe you one.

    Dave Yasuda
    General Manager
    Balihoo Creative – the agency formerly known as Side Door Media

  2. Okay, maybe I went a little too far with the ‘attention getting’ headline.

    In all seriousness though, thanks for the update Dave.

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