Oliver Russell Featured in HOW Magazine

Work from Oliver Russell has once again been featured in HOW magazine.

In this case, the work that Oliver Russell did on the identity known as “Sassy the Sasquatch” won a merit award in HOW’s logo category. They were also recognized with a merit award for their “Big O” Award, which is an environmental graphics display in the agency’s office in Boise.

Photos of the award-winning work can be seen on Oliver Russell’s website.

Congratulations to everyone that was involved in these projects.

2 Replies to “Oliver Russell Featured in HOW Magazine”

  1. Congrats to Oliver Russell

    I went to see their work as teased in your post.

    I used the link provided and get nothing but a white screen (on 3 machines – PC & MAC. I then went on their original site http://www.oh-zone.com/ and only get a Media Temple account setup page (I use Media Temple also).

    Did their success and your readership crash their servers?

  2. If memory serves, they moved away from the oh-zone.com URL several years ago. Everything is now at oliverrussell.com.

    Not sure why you would have gotten nothing but a while screen – I’ll leave it up to the OR folks to figure that one out.

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