Feedback Needed: Job Board

When the Idaho Ad Agencies blog was revamped earlier this year, one of the new additions to the site was the Jobs section.

Well, it’s been a few months since that happened, so now is a good time to get some feedback from you, dear readers.  Do you use the Jobs section?  How often do you look through the job listings?  Do you find valuable information there?

And, for the employers in the crowd:  Have you considered posting a job on the Idaho Ad Agencies Job Board?  Why or why not?

As always, feedback and comments are much appreciated.

4 Replies to “Feedback Needed: Job Board”

    1. It is powered by Simply Hired, but is customized so that it only shows jobs that are listed as being in Idaho, under specific categories.

      I didn’t see much sense in trying to reinvent the wheel, especially when there was something like this that already existed, and had some content (job listings) automatically populated.

      1. When you click on options, such as PR or Marketing and Advertising, it brings up results like Bartending. Bartending seems to show up regardless of the options I choose. I initially thought it would be a summary of all job postings that are listed here and Craigslist, so I wouldn’t have to sort thru a lot of “junk” to find a legitimate listing.

        1. Yeah, that’s the down-side to using a third-party service — there’s nothing that can be done about bad categorization on their side.

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