Why I Don’t Write About Layoffs Anymore

For the past several months, you may have noticed that news of layoffs has been absent from the Idaho Ad Agencies blog.  And it’s not an accident.

Several months ago, I made a conscious decision to stop writing about “layoffs, downsizing, staff reductions” or whatever other name you want to call it.  Why?  A few different reasons.

There’s enough layoff news going around already.  For the past year (and more), news of layoffs has been everywhere.  Name the medium, name the industry — it was there.  And that sort of news gets old.  Quick.

It puts a spotlight on those who have been affected, whether they’re ready for it or not.

And, quite frankly, it’s draining.  In many cases, these are friends and colleagues, and it’s hard not to let it get to you.

So there you have it.  If you’re looking for the latest layoff news, I’m afraid to say this isn’t the place you’re going to find it.

One Reply to “Why I Don’t Write About Layoffs Anymore”

  1. It’s your blog, and totally your call. However, I’d like to politely disagree with your decision.

    This site is a valuable resource. It’s the most comprehensive source of information available about the Idaho advertising industry.

    It needs to tell the entire story.

    I know many other people appreciate your efforts as well. On behalf of all IAA readers, thanks for your hard work on this site.

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