So What’s Next?

Well dear readers, it’s your turn. I’d like to hear from you — what would you like to see and/or read about here?

Granted, events, job openings, new hires and such are a given – those will always be part of the coverage. But what else would you like to see or know more about? Work that various shops have been doing lately? Industry trends? Loosely related news with a local spin?

It’s your turn – fire away.

3 Replies to “So What’s Next?”

  1. How about we start compiling a convenient list of Twitter handles. I follow a few Idaho Agency people and would love to follow more.

    Mine is: @mitchrichie or @starmoosemedia

  2. I agree that Twitter handles would be nice (@MichaelACousin). I would also like to see industry news, not just what agencies are doing, but what Idaho companies have changed agencies and what notable campaigns are being produced by Idaho based agencies.

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