Job Opening: Art Director

Mitchell + Palmer is at it again. This time they’re looking for an Art Director to join their team, with 4+ years of agency experience. From their job listing:


  • 4+ years of agency art direction experience

  • Have BIG IDEAS after weeks of careful consideration or in only 2-minutes

  • Produce original creative work of a consistently great standard

  • Have the chops to inspire the creative team to do the best work they’ve ever done

  • Confidently present creative work in new business pitches and in client meetings

  • Encourage a positive and stimulating working environment

  • Don’t be an asshole or a prima donna

Full details about the job, and how to apply, can be found either on Monster or Craigslist.

One Reply to “Job Opening: Art Director”

  1. Hello. I’m professional sound technician, audio engineer, mixer, music and radio producer, editor and commercial designer with 10 years experience. I live in Ukraine. My official status is first class audio engineer according to Ukrainian classification (first class is the highest class).
    I’m working for big TV/radio broadcast company as a main sound technician, mixer, editor, radio producer. Also I work world wide as a sound mixer. Also I am a teacher for a sound school.
    I am a hard working professional and very devoted to my work. I would be happy to work for you because I dreamed of a job like this all of my life. I will definitely put all my strength and talent in performing my duties and creating value for the company. I’m ready for the interview at any time. I would like to hear from you any questions on my work. And I’m ready for difficult work and any untypical situation.
    Best wishes

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