Upcoming PRSA Event: PR/Communications Experience and Education

The PRSA Idaho Chapter has an event coming up on Wednesday, April 22ndPR/Communications Experience and Education — How to Lead in a PR, PIO or Communications Role Without Them.  From the PRSA Idaho website:

Several PR practitioners, communicators and PIOs have landed in their jobs without previous public relations experience or formal training. If you are one of them and would like to get tips on how to become more confident and effective as a PR practitioner or PIO, this will prove to be a valuable meeting for you. During this session, we will hear from a number of communications professionals who can address this topic. Then, we’ll open it up for discussion.

Speakers include:

  • Beth Toal, Public Relations Manager, St. Luke’s Health Care Syste
  • John Foster, Senior Advisor and Director of Communicationsfor Congressman Walt Minnick
  • Chris Smith, Internal Communications and Corporate Affairs, Micron
  • Mary Frances Casper, Professor of Public Relations, BSU

Details about the event are as follows:

Date:  Wednesday, April 22nd
Time:  11:45 am – 1:00 pm
LocationRegence BlueShield of Idaho, Conference Room A (2nd Floor). 1211 W. Myrtle St, Boise ID
Cost (includes lunch):
 – Members: $8
 – Non-Members $10

RSVPs should be sent via email to Robbie Johnson, or by telephone to 208-387-6228.  RSVP deadline is Wednesday, April 15th.

Internship Opportunity

Seen recently on the Boise Craigslist:

Advertising agency seeks intern to support account team. Qualifications should include: Microsoft Office proficiency, highly motivated, self-starter, detail-oriented, organized, collaborative, and positive attitude.

Applicant should have, or be pursing, a degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field.

Please reply via email with resume and availability.

While the agency is not named, you can contact them via email through the original listing.

A Note About Comments

With the recent changes to the Idaho Ad Agencies site, including the new publishing platform, hosting and such, there are still a few kinks in the system to work out.  One of which is comments.

For the time being, comments are being loosely moderated.  How so, you ask?  Well, when you leave a comment, you are required to leave a name and email address.  If it’s the first time you’ve left a comment on this platform, it will be held for moderation.  Once that comment has been approved, it’ll appear on the site, and any comments you leave in the future should appear on the site automatically.

As time goes on, this process may get automated a little more, but for the time being, it is the way it is.  Thanks for understanding.

Changes at Drake Cooper

Or, a more polite way of saying that the staff size at Drake Cooper has decreased a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, word reached us that there had been layoffs at Drake Cooper.  Of the staff listed on their website, two full-time and one part-time had been let go.  A fourth, a limited-term contractor, also had their project scaled back at the same time.

I had a chance to trade messages with CEO Jamie Cooper about these changes, and he confirmed that they had made cuts, and also provided a little insight into the reasoning behind it:

Slower start to 2009 after a very strong 2008. No big changes other than the economy finally catching us a bit. The other thing I would mention is these moves are also reflective of the change to more digital work in our shop. Our client work in the digital realm (all sorts of work – not just websites) is growing quickly and our staff adjustments need to support that growth.

As has been the case with others, this is an unfortunate reality of the business environment that we’re in.  To those who were affected, give us a shout and we’ll get you listed in the Available Talent section of the website.

I fully expect that Drake Cooper, and other agencies that have gone through the layoff process recently, to bounce back in the near future.  As I’m sure many would agree, I look forward to once again writing about new hires and seeing a rash of job openings in the industry.

Client-Side Job Opening: Marketing Manager / Coordinator

The Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise is looking for a Marketing Manager / Coordinator.

From the job listing on their website:

Responsible for developing, maintaining and implementing marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Evaluates current programs along with client and market feedback to determine marketing plan changes as needed. Oversees all marketing, advertising and promotional activities. Works closely with key partners, IBG staff, and Board members to develop new tools and coordinate messaging and image of the Idaho Botanical Garden. 

This is an independent contractor position, and an estimated workload of 20-30 hours per week.  Resumes should be sent to the folks at the Idaho Botanical Garden by end of day Tuesday, April 7th.

Changes to the Idaho Ad Agencies Blog

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, there have been a few changes to the Idaho Ad Agencies blog while you weren’t looking.  Among the remodeling you’ll now find:

  • The Idaho Ad Agencies blog now has its own URL.  IdahoAdAgencies.com had long been pointing visitors over to the blog that was originally hosted via Blogger.  Now, by moving the blog to its own host, we’re able to do quite a bit more with it.  Don’t worry, the RSS feed remains the same, and if you’re used to visiting the old site there will be either a note to visit the new site, or a redirect to get you here automatically.
  • The list of Agencies in Idaho has moved away from the sidebar, and now has it’s own dedicated section.  You’ll also find that the Featured Agencies to the right have more prominent billing on that list, and yes, there is a reason for it.  If you’d like to find out how to become a Featured Agency, drop us an email and we’ll get you all the details.
  • There’s also a new section title Local Resources — this is where you’ll find other resources that don’t quite fit into the list of agencies in Idaho, but still warranted inclusion on the site.
  • The new Jobs section of the site allows agencies to post their job openings directly on the Idaho Ad Agencies blog. No more hoping that I’ll stumble across the Craigslist listing every few days.  That job board also pulls in job listings found across the Internet.
  • The Events section is a monthly calendar that gives you a quick and easy snapshot of events.
  • The Reading Room is where you’ll find recommendations on books, articles, blogs, and a variety of other useful reading material.

There will, no doubt, be more changes in the coming weeks and months.  But in the mean time, expect the same content that you’ve been enjoying for the past four years, together with a few new twists and turns along the way.

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