JOURNEY ON: Exploring the Consumer Journey & a Chat with Beyond Clothing

From the Boise Advertising Federation

Don’t miss out on a speaker event that maps out how to go more places with your customers and branding. Join us Wednesday, November 13th at 12pm for JOURNEY ON: Exploring the Consumer Journey & a Fireside Chat with Beyond Clothing for a jam-packed hour-long experience over a soup, salad & sandwich bar.

Roam with a panel of local thought-leaders on understanding the impacts and importance of a customer’s journey. Then go for a deep dive into the rising outdoor gear star Beyond Clothing with their Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Andrew Connor.

BAF Tackles the Superbowl

It’s the first BAF Lunch & Learn of 2018!!

The Superbowl is the Advertising community’s, well, superbowl. Join all of your ad community colleagues as a diverse panel of creative directors, video producers, and marketing directors break down the best and the worst of advertising during this year’s Big Game.

Scheduled panelists:

  • Edward Moore, CEO and Founding Partner, DaviesMoore
  • Chryssa Rich, Marketing Director, Primary Health
  • Melissa Stoner, Marketing Director, KTVB
  • Dylan Amundson, DrakeCooper

BAF Get Your Think On: Wine, Beer, and Liquor Marketing

The Boise Advertising Federation’s first educational event this year is a panel discussion about wine, beer, and liquor marketing in the state of Idaho. Some leading local booze marketers will talk about what works, what doesn’t, and the special considerations of marketing liquor in the state of Idaho, plus give attendees an informed preview of where each industry’s headed in the coming years.


Tickets available online and at the door.

Get Your Think On with Tim Girvin

Get Your Think On with Tim Girvin, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of GIRVIN, Inc.

The Crossroads of Experience: Designing Holistic Brand Journeys

What if your brand was a place? Explore this question with brand strategist, designer, and general renaissance man Tim Girvin, Chief Creative Officer of Seattle-based strategic branding and design firm GIRVIN, Inc.

Tickets available here or at the door, and ticket price includes buffet lunch.

BAF Event: Get Your Think On! with the Ad Contrarian

Bob Hoffman is one of the most sought after international speakers on advertising and marketing. The Wall Street Journal calls Bob “caustic yet truthful.” Time, Inc calls him “fabulously irreverent.” The Financial Times says he’s responsible for “savage critiques of digital hype.” Fuel Lines calls him “THE most provocative man in advertising.”

Bob is author of the popular “Ad Contrarian” blog, chosen as one of the world’s most influential marketing and advertising blogs by Business Insider. He has written several books including “101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising,” which became Amazon’s #1 selling advertising book, and “Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey,” which Amazon chose as #1 “Hot Prospect” in advertising.

Bob has been the CEO of two independent ad agencies and the US operation of an international agency. He has created advertising for McDonald’s, Toyota, Pepsico, Bank of America and AT&T.

In his presentation to the BAF, Bob will address the battle for the world’s most valuable customer: Nielsen calls them ““The most valuable generation in the history of marketing.” Forbes calls them “The most ignored wealthy people in the history of marketing.” Even though they control about 70% of the nation’s wealth and are responsible for over half of consumer spending, they are the target for only 10% of marketing activity. This talk is about the legends and myths regarding consumers over 50. And the enormous mistake marketers are making by ignoring them.