The Right Way to Tell People They Are Wrong

From our friends at the Boise Advertising Federation:

Featuring Luke Asa Guidici

No one likes hearing that they are wrong, but when you work in a creative field — a big part of your job is being told you are wrong over and over again. This is the “notes process” and it can be one of the most frustrating parts of working in a creative field, but when done right it’s a collaborative journey that allows projects to reach their highest potential. In this talk, Luke Guidici will share some insights and experiences from his 20 years working in Hollywood. Along with some examples of the process of making INVINCIBLE he’ll discuss the five steps crucial for success both as a client and as a creative.

About Luke Asa Guidici:

Originally from rural Washington State, Luke broke his family’s TV when he was six. Free to spend his days imaging new worlds, he grew to love storytelling. After over 15 years in Los Angeles where he worked on animated projects for Dan Harmon, HBO Max, Universal Pictures, and Louis CK, he moved to Boise, Idaho where he continues to practice his craft of editing, writing, and directing. Currently, he is the Supervising Editor on Amazon Prime’s hit animated show, “Invincible.”

30 Years of Sports Identity Design…& Tacos

From The Boise Advertising Federation:

Joe Bosack has spent his entire 30-year career working as a designer in sports. From his Pennsylvania studio, he has created visual identities for some of the most iconic brands in the world. Joe will talk about his career, share some of his greatest hits, and tell you why he thinks he is one of the luckiest guys on the planet.

Event includes a build-your-own taco bar for lunch.

JOURNEY ON: Exploring the Consumer Journey & a Chat with Beyond Clothing

From the Boise Advertising Federation

Don’t miss out on a speaker event that maps out how to go more places with your customers and branding. Join us Wednesday, November 13th at 12pm for JOURNEY ON: Exploring the Consumer Journey & a Fireside Chat with Beyond Clothing for a jam-packed hour-long experience over a soup, salad & sandwich bar.

Roam with a panel of local thought-leaders on understanding the impacts and importance of a customer’s journey. Then go for a deep dive into the rising outdoor gear star Beyond Clothing with their Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Andrew Connor.

BAF Tackles the Superbowl

It’s the first BAF Lunch & Learn of 2018!!

The Superbowl is the Advertising community’s, well, superbowl. Join all of your ad community colleagues as a diverse panel of creative directors, video producers, and marketing directors break down the best and the worst of advertising during this year’s Big Game.

Scheduled panelists:

  • Edward Moore, CEO and Founding Partner, DaviesMoore
  • Chryssa Rich, Marketing Director, Primary Health
  • Melissa Stoner, Marketing Director, KTVB
  • Dylan Amundson, DrakeCooper

BAF Get Your Think On: Wine, Beer, and Liquor Marketing

The Boise Advertising Federation’s first educational event this year is a panel discussion about wine, beer, and liquor marketing in the state of Idaho. Some leading local booze marketers will talk about what works, what doesn’t, and the special considerations of marketing liquor in the state of Idaho, plus give attendees an informed preview of where each industry’s headed in the coming years.


Tickets available online and at the door.