So this is where "help wanted" is going?

As I was driving home last night, I happened to catch a spot on the radio from Commerical Home Furnishings. It turns out that the entire spot was a recruitment piece for a sales/designer position with CHF…

On one hand, it was a great move on their part — the spot ran at roughly 5:45 in the evening, as a good percentage of the 8-to-5ers were on their way home. It hit on many of the emotions that many of those same people are no doubt feeling – unhappy/unsatisfied in their current job, feeling that they could/should be doing more with their career, etc. The spot encouraged peoplel to email – not mail, not call, email – their resume to Sue at CHF. Smart. Very smart.

On the other hand, however, hearing this on the air got me thinking… Has the cost of placing the traditional “help wanted” ad in the newspaper gotten so out of hand that it is now cheaper to create a help wanted commercial? Or, have those help wanted ads in the newspaper really become that ineffective? Food for thought.