Job Opening

Not here in Idaho, but rather at Sullivan Higdon & Sink’s Wichita, Kansas office. The interesting part, however, is not the job, but how they chose to list it. They’ve posted the job opening on the American Copywriter blog.

So rather than listing the job on an online job site or relying only on the local newspaper, they’ve put this job listing out in front of an audience that is already interested in the industry, and as likely listeners to the American Copywriter podcast, that same audience is already familiar with the agency.

To me its a striking example of how the work that they’ve put into building both American Copywriter, and Sullivan Higdon & Sink as brands will now pay off in ways that were never originally expected. And the cost? Time, and thinking of their business as more than just a series of names on the door.

So, the question stands — how long until someone here does anything similar?

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