Rockies Award Winners

So the Rockies were last Saturday, and I’m wondering who is going to be the first to mention either A)The overall winners or B)Individual awards won by agency.

Now the natural place to look first would be on the Boise Advertising Federation’s website, since they are the ones, after all, that host the event to begin with. Is there a list of winners? Nope. In fact, they are still asking visitors to RSVP for last Saturday’s event.

A quick trip around various agency websites reveals — nothing.

I have to assume that either no awards were handed out (not likely), or that suddenly everyone has gotten shy and doesn’t want to brag about their success (again, not likely). And the excuse of “we’re too busy doing client work to make changes to our website” just doesn’t hold a hell of a lot of water, in my opinion. Newsflash — you are your own client, and if you can’t make the time to do your own work, you run the risk of losing future (paying) client work because you were under evaluation, the appearance was that nothing interesting/worthwhile was coming out of your shop.

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