Some things just repeat themselves

Once again, I have to wonder who thought it would be a good idea to make a radio spot that consisted entirely of a jingle? Yes, I have written about this before. Last time it was a Hubble Homes spot. This time, the award goes to

What really gets me is that this spot, and the larger concept of a jingle-as-a-commercial got approved. I can see just see it — group of people sitting at a conference room table, throwing around ideas for a radio spot. Someone chimes in with “You know, if we fill the whole spot with a jingle, people will think its another song and won’t change the station.” Sorry kids, but I’m afraid that train of thought has long since left the station.

John and Tug over at American Copywriter covered the topic of radio, particularly the state of radio advertising, in American Copywriter #40. Its well worth a listen, as are all of their podcasts. I’ll also be adding a link to their site in the “Other Notable Sites” sidebar.

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