CPB popping up in Idaho

Here’s a little tidbit that I came across today…

Crispin Porter + Bogusky (yes, that CPB) posted an ad on the Boise Craigslist site for a Flash Developer. My first reaction was that they posted this across all of the Craigslist sites, but after a little digging, it appears that this is somewhat of a targeted posting.

So the question now is — who or what in Boise Idaho caught the attention of the illustrious CPB, to the point that they’re looking to hire somone from the area?

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One Reply to “CPB popping up in Idaho”

  1. I believe that Alex B. is planning on opening an office in Boulder so he may sniffing for talent in these parts of the Rockies. Not sure why they’re putting an office there. Perhaps it’s to be closer to a client or perhaps it’s just to get out of the rat race. Who knows.

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