I’ll give partial credit

If I were a teacher, I guess I’d be the type to give partial credit for attempting to answer a question or taking the right action.

That being said, I have to give partial credit to Stoltz Marketing Group. They have been occasionally updating the news on their website, including some news items that I’ve previously mentioned.

But here’s the kicker, and the reason that they only get partial credit. Unless you dig into Stoltz’s website, you’d never know that they have been posting any of their news. The reason? When you first enter their flash-only website, the “Latest News” section of their main page indicates that the most recent news is from January 5, 2006. Once you dig into it, however, you’ll find that the most recent news piece is from July 1, 2006, not January 5th. Why is this?

I’d be willing to bet that there is a very simple explanation — the site was built by a developer who is no longer with the company. This developer, I would assume, was the only person who knew how to make the whole site work well, and now that they’re gone, the people who are left are forced to piece it all back together. If this is indeed the case, it begs the larger question — what do you do when a key member of your staff leaves the company? How do you make sure that they’re not taking the full scope of knowledge about a particular subject (in this case, how to update your company’s website) with them out the door?

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