Those crazy kids in Kansas

They’re at it again.

Those crazy kids at Sullivan, Higdon & Sink have a job opening, and just as before they’ve posted it on the American Copywriter blog.

If you’re not familiar with American Copywriter, you should be. It is more than just a podcast, and much more than just a blog. Its a brand. And just as they did before, SHS is using the power of the American Copywriter brand to assist in their recruiting efforts. They are taking advantage of a resource that is readily available to them, and (at a very minimal cost) reaching potential employees that are already familiar with the agency.

The question remains — how long until anyone in this neck of the woods does anything similar? Every job listing I’ve seen for agencies in Idaho has come from either a typical job listing (either online or offline) or the agency’s own website.

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And in breaking news

Goodby Tops Publicis For HP Global Assignment

I know, you’re wondering what this has to do with agencies in Idaho.

Well, Goodby Silverstein & Partners will be taking work away from Publicis in Seattle. The Publicis Boise office is, for all intents and purposes, an extension of the Seattle office. Therefore, Goodby Silverstein & Partners (in theory) has just taken away a chunk of work from Publicis Boise.

Once again, this business, even at the local level, does not operate in a vacuum.

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Which is an easier change?

As an employee, do you think it is easier to go from working on the client-side to the agency-side, or vice-versa?

A couple of notable examples on the client-to-agency side:

Moves from the agency-to-client side tend to be a little less obvious, for a couple of reasons:

  • Agencies don’t want to admit that they’ve lost talent, which could mean a loss of future business.
  • Hiring someone away from an agency just doesn’t seem to have the same newsworthiness as an agency hiring someone away from the client side.

What do you think? And what about agency-to-agency? Is that its own ballgame?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or send an email here.

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Blueline picks up Flat Planet

No, its not the title to a scene out of some bizarre sci-fi comic — er, graphic novel as they’re apparently called today.

Blueline Grassroots Marketing of Nampa recently acquired the web development company Flat Planet, also of Nampa. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they are both located out near the Idaho Center, in the TECenter on the BSU West campus.

The two companies have worked together in the past, so this shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. After all, it was just this spring that es/drake purchased AB Positive and merged it into their agency. Since they are two small companies, hopefully the Blueline / Flat Planet integration doesn’t come with the same headaches that seem to come with the territory.

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