Interests, dreams and taking chances

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work with, and/or get to know a number of extremely talented people. One such person is Dave Yasuda.

When I first met Dave, he had been working for Mediaphex, which had just recently merged with a handful of other companies to become Wirestone. He went on to spend several years with Wirestone, before moving over to Oliver Russell & Associates, most recently as Managing Director.

Then, on May 15th of this year, he did something that made me smile just a bit.

He left.

Not because he was unhappy with his job, or dissatisfied with the agency for any particular reason. Rather, he left to go make a movie.

See, in addition to his professional career, Dave has also been an avid and successful film producer. He was involved in the production of Tattoo: A Love Story a few years ago, and is now serving as Executive Producer of a film that is tentatively titled The Fifth Truth.

Dave left the comfortable confines of a steady gig with benefits to spend six months producing a film that everyone hope, and fully expects, to be a success. He made the leap and chose to follow that dream a little further down the road, and for that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him.

This little snippet from his MySpace blog pretty well sums it up:

“Is it scary to leave a well paying job with benefits for a six month gig producing and directing? Shit yeah, but man, it’s a good buzz!”

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  1. Great post on Dave Yasuda. He’s a classy, stand-up guy…one of those rare breeds that flows easily between creative, account and sales. Good luck Dave.

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