David Armano’s Incomplete Manifesto

Here’s something that might provoke a few thoughts…

I came across David Armano’s Incomplete Manifesto recently, and it struck a chord. If you haven’t heard of David, you owe it to yourself to check out his blog, Logic + Emotion. David is the VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, and is incredibly active in the social media space. He originally wrote this back in June of 2006, and updated it in October 2006.

Here are a few excerpts from his manifesto:

Ask questions. Lots of them. Ask the silly ones. The ones that no one else wants to ask. Ask about the bigger idea. Ask about the details. Ask why—but also ask yourself why you are asking the questions.

Be Someone’s Hero.
Everybody needs a hero. We just don’t want to admit it. Find someone who needs a hero. Not your boss—but the person looking for guidance—a word of encouragement or inspiration. Be that hero even if your own heroes don’t exist for you.

Tear Down The Wall.
Corporations thrive by having distinct departments and teams. Collaboration is encouraged—but authentic collaboration rarely happens. Why? Because it’s messy business. People are born with egos. Egos need to be un-learned. Replace your natural born ego with intense curiosity. Do this and you’ll be able to break down barriers, and do great things. When Harley-Davidson wanted to design their first high-performance motorcycle (the V-Rod), they went to Porsche for help. That’s checking ego at the door.

I would encourage all of you to read David’s entire manifesto over at Logic + Emotion. Is it going to change your world? No, probably not. But if it causes you to look at things just a little differently next time, then well done.

And to David, I have to say – outstanding work, as always.

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