BAF Luncheon with Pat Doody

I was able to attend the Boise Advertising Federation’s luncheon yesterday, featuring Pat Doody, President of Wongdoody.

A few RSVP snafu’s aside, it was a very well organized event. The new BAF leadership seems to have their house in order, and look to be putting the right pieces in place to make future events and activities much more successful. Now if they’d just get that damned website fixed…

Pat’s presentation, in my opinion, ranks right up there in quality with Bart Cleveland’s presentation earlier this year. From all appearances, Pat is a gifted speaker with an obvious passion for his business, and one who appreciates the value of the creative and its role in the overall scheme of things.

I’d go into details about the presentation itself, but there’s no way that I could do it justice. If anyone else who was in attendance would like to add their own take on it, by all means comment away.

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