Doing more than just trying to make a buck

I have to give credit to shops that go out of their way to help their community. Oliver Russell’s o-pen purse program has been a long-standing example of such.

Today I happened upon another example.

Rizen Creative recently completed and launched a new website for the Boise Area Crime Stoppers. The site was done on a pro bono basis, led by Rizen’s Javier Barrera.

Now before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m sure that for every example such as this that I mention, there are a hundred that go unnoticed. I won’t dispute that fact. The only way I way I know to change it — send me any tips or news that you’d like to share.

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5 Replies to “Doing more than just trying to make a buck”

  1. Previous anonymous – what does that ad have to do with pro bono work? Did Rizen do that for free to help West Coast Car Co. sell more gas guzzlers. (no offense to west coast cars – I bought my jeep there and I love it)

  2. the guys at rizen are not just talented they’re really good people. glad to see them get some recognition. o and that youtube car commercial is hilarious.

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