Seasons. Weather. Names. All subject to change.

The holiday season is in full swing, and we’re starting to see the usual ‘Happy Holidays’ greetings popping up on various website. This one in particular, has much much more.

A stop over at es/drake’s website revealed a fancy little snow globe on the home page, as well as some big news:

Es/drake is now Drake Cooper.

For the long time reader, you’ll remember that Jamie Cooper joined the agency as Chief Operating Officer back in 2006. He has since become a partner in the agency, and the name change is reflective of that.

Also, what is now Drake Cooper will be moving out of their long-held office space on 9th Street to their own, newly remodeled building in BoDo. That move is slated to happen mid month, so hopefully there won’t be too many moving-related snafus.

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