Bob Hofmann Retires

As much as you might expect me to come up with some sort of snappy headline for this news, there’s really no need.

On February 29th, Bob Hofmann retired from Davies Rourke.

Here’s the announcement from the Davies Rourke website:

On February 29, after 32 years in the saddle and a good part of that at the helm, Bob Hofmann officially retired from Davies Rourke. Though we’re sorry to see him go, we’re also pleased to be able to watch him ride off into the sunset feeling hale and hearty and looking forward to his new adventures. All of us owe Bob a debt of gratitude for shouldering a ton of responsibilities and setting the course for many positive agency changes over the years.

Bob’s retirement heralds a few other changes: Jeff Nielsen, who has been with the agency for 27 years as an account supervisor and Vice President, assumes the position of President and CEO; Ernie Monroe, creative director, replaces Jeff as agency Vice President. And the rest of the crew is still here and in the trenches. We’re taking care of existing business and looking for new challenges in 2008.

Over the past 32 years, Bob influenced colleagues and clients alike, and served as a teacher, mentor and friend to a number of talented people.

I’m sure Bob is going to enjoy every minute of his retirement. While I never had the opportunity to work with him personally, I know those who have. So, on behalf of them, I’d like to say “thank you” to Bob for everything that he has done for this industry over the years.

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