Job Opening – Brand Ambassador

Drake Cooper in Boise has an opening for a Brand Ambassador. This is the first person that someone sees when they visit the agency, and the last one they see on their way out.

From the job description on the Drake Cooper website:

The Brand Ambassador single-handedly directs front desk operations – greeting clients in person or on the phone, from CEOs to interns with a warm welcoming persona and brilliant charm. This is a great job for someone wanting to launch a famous career in advertising, PR, online or offline marketing or the like.

Full details about the position are available here.

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6 Replies to “Job Opening – Brand Ambassador”

  1. Brand Ambassador? Really? BRAND AMBASSADOR? See this is what I’m talking about when I gripe about agency pretentiousness. Brand Ambassador. How about RECEPTIONIST? There is no shame in being a receptionist, especially for a company as well-respected as DC. Why the desire to fluff up the titles? Is the Janitor called the Refuse Diplomat or the Lavatory Legionairre? Jebus effing Criminey, there is definitely a fine line between creative, clever copywriting and pretentious assheaddery and I think agencies cross that line when they do stupid crap like this.

    Ok, rant complete. Have a good weekend everybody.

  2. I take it you never got the call-back from DC…. I’d be ranting, too, if stuck at Stoltz.

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. The term “brand ambassador” is being used everywhere these days. Even the sample ladies at the grocery store on Saturdays are brand ambassadors. If I wear a pair of Lucky jeans this weekend, can I add “Lucky Jeans Brand Ambassador” to my resume?

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