Fuel 3 Adds Another Station

Okay, so maybe the title’s a little too corny, but what else can you do when the imagery splashed throughout Fuel3 Advertising’s website are of gas pumps…

But back to the actual story.

Fuel3 has opened an office in Portland, Oregon, to expand the reach of their headquarters in Boise. Now up to a staff of five, the Portland office was opened, and is managed, by Ryan Panitz. Ryan was formerly a reporter and morning anchor with KTVB in Boise, and is also working with the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games on Marketing & Strategic Relationships.

Fuel3’s expansion into Portland was also mentioned briefly in this article on The Oregonian’s website.

Congratulations to the folks over at Fuel3, and best of luck for continued success.

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  1. I think a good one would have been, “Fuel 3 fills another tank” or, “New Full Service Station for Fuel 3″ or how about, Fuel 3 Develops near Shore Drilling” (that one might make people enviro-mental)

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