Playing the Guessing Game

That’s been the activity-of-the-week in the Treasure Valley, in parts of the marketing and advertising world at least.

Why, you ask?

Because everyone wants to know who “New Boise Agency” is.

Let’s rewind just a bit.

On Monday March 2nd, a full page ad was published in the Idaho Business Review, teasing the launch of a New Boise Agency, with the question of “What happens when creativity and experience join forces?” and directed readers to the website.

At the same time, the New Boise Agency Twitter profile was created, and they began following those in the marketing world in and around Boise. They also integrated their Twitter updates into the teaser website, and have been regularly updating it throughout the past week.

So, the question remains — just who is this New Boise Agency?

I have my hunches, as I’m sure you do, but I’m going to keep it to myself for the time being. The clock is ticking on this new organization, as they’ve made their intention to launch on March 10th very public.

In the mean time, I’ll be watching closely.

6 Replies to “Playing the Guessing Game”

  1. I have to admit, I feel like I am watching a car crash in progress. By promoting this to the creative community as they have, which happens to be one of the most opinionated industries on the face of the planet, New Boise Agency (whoever they are) will only witness scoffs, jeers, and obscene comments once their announcement happens on the 10th. To be honest, I have already heard significant rumblings already.

    For a great illustration to my point, see the College of Western Idaho discussion. There is nothing that creatives like to do more than telling other people their baby is ugly.

    Just a fair warning…

  2. Interesting points Brian. I’m one who believes if NBA succeeds then we all succeed. While I’m sure there will be several folks out there that will prove you right, I’m going to remain optimistic.

    Of course, once they reveal themselves, drinks might go a long way to sway popular opinion.

    Just sayin’…

  3. Why would NBA be worried about critique from the creative community? Isn’t the whole idea of critique to make us all better? If an agency cannot handle “scoffs, jeers and obscene comments” they’re probably in the wrong business to begin with. JMO

  4. The sagging economy means we’ll be seeing more failures and consolidations. But a consolidation could be a very smart business move. There won’t be enough work to go around for all the current players, so it’s wise to focus on improving your competitive position, because only the strong will be left standing.

    I hope they don’t try to paint it as something other than what it is — a consolidation. A smart business play is nothing to be ashamed of.

  5. The ad said the marriage would be a blend of “experience” and “creativity.” I guess a PR outfit and an ad shop. Am I right?

    Alicia Ritter

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