Job Opening: Production Specialist

Aquent Studios has an opening in their Boise office for a Production Specialist. From their job listing on Craigslist:

We have a new opportunity for a production specialist who will support all phases of the design and production process, producing error-free deliverables, and creating and maintaining a robust file management and archiving system for both print and online deliverables. This is a long term contract position working on site in our Boise office.

Full details about the position can be found on the original job listing.

3 Replies to “Job Opening: Production Specialist”

  1. Applicants should be sure to know the definition of a self-employed independent contractor in this situation, versus a full-time employee. The phrase “Long term contract position working on site” borders on the definition of a full-time employee, so be sure that you, and the company, are following the law in this respect.,,id=99921,00.html

  2. So…uh… Ryan. Are you the local freelance inspector? …The one we’ve see in the black Monte Carlo with tinted windows and cheap hubcaps.

  3. Doug, you are becoming the resident troll. You don’t even live here, so why are you trying to stir things up.

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