Job Opening at Mitchell + Palmer

Mitchell + Palmer in Boise has an opening for a Web Developer. From the job listing on Craigslist:

Mitchell + Palmer is looking for a web developer!

Can you sling code like it’s nobody’s business? Able to rock it in an office environment and work well with others? If you can work hard and play hard, you just may be what we’re looking for.

Our ideal candidate is someone who writes HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript with web standards in mind. We would prefer someone proficient in ASP.NET C# and MS SQL but we’d also like to meet you if you’re more comfortable in a LAMP environment. You must be able to take work from designers and re-create the vision for the web. Above all, we value the willingness to learn and being able to get the job done in a time sensitive environment.

More details about the position, including how to apply, can be found in the original job listing.

And if you’re not up to taking on the dart challenge against Billy, let me know. I’ll do it.