Job opening: Creative Director

Branched Roots is looking for a Creative Director. From the job listing on Glassdoor:

The creative director is responsible for overseeing all creative products produced by an advertising agency. Creative directors will ensure the agency produces high-quality creative content for its clients and oversee the entire creative team, including copywriters, art directors, and designers.

The creative director guides all projects and is responsible for the overall quality of work produced by the creative department. Depending on industry focus and the company’s needs, the creative director’s role may shift. This role will require to work in the trenches, helping to generate the big ideas. The creative director job description includes:

  • Manage the creative process from concept to completion
  • Translate marketing objectives into clear creative strategies
  • Work closely with multidisciplinary project teams,
  • Lead and direct the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral, brand, design and UI/UX.
  • Ensure visual communication and brand standards are met
  • Meet with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions
  • Review work, troubleshoot and provide feedback to creative teams
  • Manage and cultivate the career development of staff members, including designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers and web developers

Full details about the position and how to apply can be found here.